They Became Each Other.

“To Kill A Mockingbird” fan Amanda Leigh-ann Corrin asked Cecilia Peck: “Did Mr. Peck realize the full magnitude of the role he brought to life? Did he know the movie adaptation would be as profound as the book? And how did playing one of the literary worlds bravest men affect his personal life?

Cecilia: “I think my dad understood the importance of the story from the moment he read Harper Lee’s novel. He also identified profoundly with the character of Atticus Finch. I don’t think he thought in terms of whether the film would be as good as the book; he thought in terms of how his portrayal of Atticus could serve to communicate the story. Regarding how playing Atticus affected him, perhaps it came at a time when it was able to deeply validate his own ethical code, as well as his way of parenting. He and Atticus were so similar that I think they became each other.”


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